We’re Backkkkkkkkkkkkk!

Lady Phoenix, Release LogoThanks to all of our GlamDolls who have supported us through our transitional phase.  Release the Blowdry Bar (under new management), has reopened in our new location!  We are thrilled to get your hair in our hands!  For a limited time stop in and receive TWO blowouts for the price of one!  Yes, 2 blowouts for $35! So grab a girlfriend and get fab together! Call today, be beautiful always!

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Say Hello To Valentine’s Day Hair!

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow!

What sexy Goddess blowout are you rocking?

I like the top left and bottom right… oh who am I kidding I would try all of these looks any given day of the week ;) Need to make an appointment?… Call 855.582.2053 today.


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Bobbi Brown Eyewear for Spring? Whose ready….

Uber excited about Bobbi Brown trying her hands in Eyewear. I already love her makeup which covers every skin tone imaginable and now our eyes get to have a little fun too!

Check out this read I found at Refinery29 below:


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Release at Crystal Couture DCFW!

It was nothing but good times and glamour when venturing off to see NEW upcoming fashion designers at Crystal Couture in Arlington, VA last Friday! How exciting to see the different fabrics sashay down the runway along with various Freya hairstyles might I add ; ) Attendees were also  able to check out and buy samples right then and there as well… Good times indeed!

Check out one of my new fave designers: NAM!

Till next time Fashion Week **sprinkles glitter** ; )

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First Class Blowouts!

School is now in Session…

Ever wanted to learn how to achieve the perfect blowout yourself? Well sign up for Release’s FREE “First Class Blowouts” session to learn exactly how! This class is for every day women who want to learn the best ways to blowout their hair and learn what products works best for their specific hair type.

Classes are held every first Sunday of the month at Release The Blowdry Bar. Appointments are REQUIRED so make sure to reserve your spot by calling: 855.582.2053!

Blowout Session Info
Date: Sunday, January 6th
(This session is booked out, next session is February 3rd)
Time: 2PM – 3PM
Cost: Complimentary

*Master Makeup Classes COMING SOON!*

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It’s the first SATURDAY of the NEW YEAR!!!

It’s the first SATURDAY of the NEW YEAR!!!

Hopefully everyone is off to a great start with your New Year’s Resolution. After listening to various self made promises, most of you chose to either hit the gym a little more, obtain a better diet, complete more good deeds, or to become organized.

What was our New Year’s resolution? To ensure every client receives the BEST blowout in town within 45 minutes or less (depending on hair texture and length of course)!

Put our New Year’s Challenge to the test by booking an appointment today! We look forward to making your hair look GORGEOUS ; )

Visit: www.releasetheblowdrybar.com  or call: 855.582.2053.

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Release Grand Opening (VIP night)

Release’s Grand Opening week was AMAZING! We appreciate all the love and support the DMV provided us and have been enjoying meeting you all! It’s nearly two weeks and the momentum hasn’t slowed down since Day 1 of opening on Saturday, December 8th! Woohoo…

We look forward to surpassing ALL your expectations and providing the best blowouts and customer service in DC. Below we have included some photos of Grand Opening VIP Night. Enjoy!


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A Gift For You… Happy Holidays!

Are you still running around like crazy trying to find the perfect gift for your loved ones? Well cool your heels because we have the perfect solution for you… Release The Blowdry Bar Gift Certifcates!

Just $35 a blowout!

Buy a gift certificate for your nieces, cousins, sisters, mothers, and friends! They definitely will LOVE you for it ; )

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Oh Scarlet!

Pause! Did you even recognize this was Scarlet Johansson? We definitely DID!

Love the sexy, tousled hair.


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Let’s Get Festive!

Ladies, have you ever wished you could die your hair a certain color without bleaching it or permanently committing to the color for months?

Try this NEW product we found called ColorMe, a professional hair coloring applicator which offers a temporary color of your choice. Their colors range from natural shades like: blondes, browns, and reds, to funkier hues such as: purple, pink, green, and orange.

Finally, no more commitment and no hair damage. Just fun times with a little magic wand ; )

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